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Putin may use the terrorist attack in the Moscow region as a pretext for a new mobilization, – Kasparov

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar28,2024

Putin may use the terrorist attack in the Moscow region as a pretext for a new mobilization, – Kasparov

Photo : Garry Kasparov

Famous Russian opposition figure and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov said in an interview with Voice of America that since the West is in no hurry to supply Ukraine with ammunition, Vladimir Putin may believe he is winning war.

“Ukraine is bleeding. She's running out of ammunition, and the free world is still deciding what to do with it"– Kasparov explained. "Therefore, – he continued,– It is very unfortunate that the coalition of friends of Ukraine, whose GDP is 25 times greater than the GDP of Russia, Iran and North Korea, which are part of this axis of evil, is not able to provide Ukraine with enough ammunition. I'm not even talking about modern weapons like long-range missiles.”.

According to Kasparov, Putin can use the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall to as a pretext for a new wave of mobilization, this time – in large cities, in particular – in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

"Although Putin has always avoided taking recruits from Moscow and St. Petersburg, he has reached the point where he needs these large cities to contribute, – emphasizes the Russian oppositionist, who was included by the Russian authorities in the list of extremists and terrorists for his anti-war position. – And this attack – definitely to his advantage. And we must not forget about this. Two days before the attack, Shoigu spoke about a new mobilization.”

“If Putin continues his plans with mobilization and turning this so-called special operation into a full-scale war, this will lead to the fact that all Russians, even from large cities, will leave (to the front). So soon there will be another half a million Russians at the front.”, – says Kasparov.

However, he believes, the benefits that Putin can try to extract from the tragedy do not end there.

"Nobody talks about Ukraine. No one is talking about regular attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, which result in civilian deaths. And, of course, many of the Putin lobby in the West are now talking about joining forces with Russia to fight international terror,”– emphasizes the Russian opposition politician.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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