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The UPM is considering “stronger” pressure tactics

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar22,2024

The Maritime Fishermen's Union (UPM) is raising its voice and considering pressure tactics.

UPM is considering 'stronger' pressure tactics

Lobster traps stacked on August 7, 2022 at the Aboiteau wharf, in Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick.


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The association that represents Maritime fishermen says they are fed up with being poorly treated by Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

At the annual conference held this week in Moncton, members of the Maritime Fishermen's Union (UPM) said on several occasions that stronger pressure tactics should be considered, the group wrote in a press release on Thursday. /p>

These fishermen say they are fed up with being ignored by the federal government. Dialogue with the government has broken down, according to Réjean Comeau, the president of the UPM.

We see that the government is beating around the bush, does not make any decisions, does not consult, he said. We see that the government is not doing its job. The fishermen are tired of not being listened to.

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Réjean Comeau is the president of the Maritime Fishermen's Union.

Dissatisfaction reigns over several issues. The union deplores in particular what it calls hidden agreements between the government and the First Nations which exclude coastal fishermen.

Poor management by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) of certain predators, such as the striped bass and the gray seal, endangers certain species and the future of several fisheries, such as mackerel and herring, supports the UPM.

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Finally, the association accuses the government of lacking courage when it comes to enforcing its own rules against poaching.

Please there is no progress this spring, they are ready to take major measures, warns Réjean Comeau.

If nothing moves, you'll have to go out into the street. Do peaceful things, anyway. But if we have to block entrances, paralyze things, we will do it.

A quote from Réjean Comeau, president of the Maritime Fishermen's Union

The UPM says it has favored the path of negotiation for years, only to come up against the slowness of the MPO and the lack of consideration from the government.

The federal MP for Acadie-Bathurst, Serge Cormier, maintains that his colleague Minister of Fisheries, Diane Lebouthillier, is already working hard on certain issues dear to the UPM.

Decisions should be made more quickly. The minister should be informed more quickly.

A quote from Serge Cormier, federal MP for Acadie-Bathurst

We can don't think that this industry can be sold on 10 cents, says the MP. He still agrees with the fishermen who find that decisions come too slowly.

By press release, Minister Lebouthillier affirms that she has had the opportunity to speak to the people of the UPM by videoconference this week. She assures that she intends to keep the lines of communication open.

According to the report by Mariève Bégin

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