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The Ukrainian singer got into a scandal: she organized a party after the meltdown

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

The Ukrainian singer got into a scandal: organized a party after the meltdown

Ulyana Roys/Press Service

Young Ukrainian singer Ulyana Roys presented the track “Heart in the Safe”. In her new work, she showed passionate kisses on the set.

The artist, whose creativity is growing rapidly, presented the track “Heart in the safe”, which thousands of listeners have already had the opportunity to listen to at her concerts. Watch the atmospheric video on YouTube.

In the music video for the new composition, one of the main roles was played not for the first time by the famous Ukrainian dancer – Nikita Shapoval.

The song was written during the period of my transformation after the end of the relationship. I have already managed to present it at my concerts in various cities of Ukraine, as well as in Europe. This is a song with a light vibe, which I associate with spring, the first warm evenings in the company of friends. That's why we wanted to release it in this period, Ulyana shares.

In the plot of the clip, the main character, played by Ulyana herself, is surrounded by close friends. Together, they create a cool synergy that shows the importance of having friends nearby, with whose support it is easier to live difficult moments.

Interesting visual solutions, all actions take place in parallel, making this work dynamic, bright and interesting for the viewer.

May your heart always be in a safe for people who do not appreciate, respect or accept you whole and completely. Leave it for those who will pick up the key to it and with whom you will feel special, says Ulyana.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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