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The Sims 4: faced with the arrival of this new feature from EA, players are furious

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

Here you go! Almost ten years that Electronic Arts and Maxis have been working on. day The Sims 4. Incessant waves of content that bring happiness to players, but above all, misery to their bank accounts. And while The Sims 4 wages war on its bugs via a new dedicated team, that's it! that one of its latest new features is not going over well with players. 

The Sims 4: faced with the arrival of this new feature from EA, the players enrage

new addition in the sims 4

Games revolving around a season system like service games see their players come at will. big bets day. Diablo IV experienced a first redemption with its auspicious season 4, while Skull and Bones is currently trying to emerge from its troubled waters with its season 2 .But in the case of Sims 4, players have no interest in playing games. connect regularly, apart from the few packs deployed regularly.

The Sims 4: faced with the arrival of this new product from EA, players are furious

But like those good old GACHAs, which force players to play games. log in every day to get your hands on a few resources, The Sims 4 sets up login rewards. A surprise teased for several weeks which has finally been discovered in its entirety, on the nose and on the nose. Electronic Arts' beard.

The Sims 4: faced with the arrival of this new feature from EA, players are furious

As in Fortniteor the mobile version of The Sims, players will have to log in every day to get their hands on new outfits, new items and even new features. Luckily, this model does not require any additional work. its players to connect every day of the week, but two or even three days maximum. A way for Electronic Arts to inflate its figures, while offering players the opportunity to add new elements à their collection.

The Sims 4: faced with the arrival of this new feature from EA, the players are angry

Of course, if you miss certain items, you will no longer be able to obtain them later.By chance, and the players are due to this; Now used to it, a mod has been added. created to allow you to get everything without waiting.Better yet, the discovery of a glitch makes the existence of this mod obsolete. Once the problems are resolved, these objects  will be stuck behind a mandatory connection system.

Sims 4 players dismayed

This initiative is not to the taste of ;t of all the players, some believing that it is going to increase; This goes against the way the game is played.EA knows we play for 5 days and then take a 7 month break, right?< /em>” asks an Internet user on Reddit. EA seems to be aware of this reality, hence the creation of this new system.

The Sims 4: face to face; the arrival of this novelty signed EA, players are furious

It remains to be seen whether such a practice is not a harbinger of a Pass forThe Sims 5. Free, the game will surely turn to the monetization methods of games, Season Pass services, cosmetics, item kits and extensions, The Sims 5. There should be no shortage of ways to get you to spend your hard-earned money.

For your part, plan to connect several times per week to the Sims 4to get all the login rewards?Feel free to reply to us via the comment section below. 

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