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Player from the Grenier: furious, JDG takes this radical decision

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

The Attic Player does not have his tongue in his pocket when it comes to hitting on the networks and the policies put in place. But this time, “JDG” has taken a radical decision with regard to screw of ” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/f19ad35199415dbc9d60665fe93e3e8c.jpg” alt=”Joueur du Grenier: furious, JDG takes this radical decision” />

JDG faced with youtube, twitch, twitter

The one who became known on YouTube for his lynchings, all in the humor of retro games, has several times announcedhis weariness in the face of lynchings. the platform's policy regarding against demonetization.Something to which she has since returned.

And for good reason, JDG is well known for his outspokenness, his sometimes daring jokes and his very crude comments, in the face of which YouTube has toughened its tone .Summer last, he had notably been banned from Twitch following a jokeduring a game of Matriarchin the company of other recognized French streamers, such as the founder of Zevent Zerator, Etoiles, Bagherra or Antoine Daniel. 

this radical decision taken by JDG at ; towards X (Twitter)

Faced with situations that he considers absurd, JDG does not hesitate to respond. rise to the niche. After Twitch and YouTube, it's the turn of X (formerly Twitter) to anger the videographer. More,he announced withdraw from the social network. 

In a final tweet, the streamer announces that he will let his account be managed by a Community Manager, because of the toxic comments he reads, and more generally on what “has become of Twitter”, which he compares to “a madhouse”. “I gave instructions to post video releases, filming photos, notices of session releases or reactions to JV news but from now on everything will be subject to review. through the CM, I'm uninstalling this shit.” he announces exasperatedly. From now on, you will have to follow him on Instagram. A starting choice which was notably made in 2022 by Antoine Daniel. À At the time, the streamer preferred to leave the blue bird to preserve his health. mental.

Hello, this account will now be managed by users. by a CM.

I've read shit and bullshit for 10 years and from all sides, but for 48 hours it's good, it's definitely a madhouse.

I gave instructions for posting video releases, filming photos,…

May 29, 2024

This rumble has been all the more frequent since the buyout of the network by billionaire Elon Musk, who paved the way for the return of toxic accounts and hate speech. We recall that more than 1,200 employees responsible for moderationsince Elon Musk's takeover, at the price of freedom of expression according to him. “Tweeting is the most democratic way to communicate”, he said last year.

Natasha Kumar

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