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The Rings of Power season 2: this crucial character deleted from the script

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024

Behind the arrival of Tom Bombadil, lies a departure. An important character will not return in season 2 of Rings of Power. The Prime Video series has purely and simply decided to make a return. to remove it from the script.

The Rings of Power season 2: this crucial character removed from the script

pressure on season 2 ofRings of Power

Expected this summer, season 2 of Rings of Power has a lot to do prove. After the semi-failure (at least in terms of reviews) of the introduction to its series, Prime Video will try to reconcile an entirefanbaseDisappointed with the way Tolkien's universe was created. ransacked by trying to get closer to the novelist's writings. Greater respect for the source material and more epicness are promises made by both showrunners Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne.

The thunderous announcement of integration — for the first time at the screen — by Tom Bombadil has undoubtedly raised a few smiles, but it will take a lot more to hope to seduce the fans, and in particular to hold the prize high in the face of the crowd. House of the Dragon, its competitor whose season 2 comes out earlier in the summer.

An important character leaves the series

But this arrival of the mysterious character insensitive to the Ringincarnate by Rory Kinnear(Penny Dreadful, Skyfall) hides a departure. That of Nazanin Boniadi, the actress who lent her features to the human healer Bronwyn.

«I made the choice not to return for the second season of “Rings of Power”. This has nothing to do with my later decision to prioritize my work. &àgrave; my plea and to defend the people of my country who have risked everything for freedom” explains the actress who defended the #WomanLifeFreedom uprising in Iran.

In an Instagram post, she adds: «Throughout my career, the values ​​that have been held by me The most cherished are honesty, empathy and integrity. My character, Bronwyn, was attached to her. &àgrave; “I share these same ideals while fighting for a more just world, which is why I connected so deeply with her.”

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In response, Prime Video responded that the role was not played. reworked. This means that the character has simply been striped from the script of season 2. As a reminder, the healer from the village of Tirharad located in in the fictional Southlands falls in love with the Elf Arondir, who saves her son Theo from an Orc attack. At the end of the season, all three leave together to build a new life in Pelargir.

The narrative arc around Rounding and the events taking place in the Southlands was keenly criticized by Tolkien fans. And for good reason, neither the characters nor the places are canonical. A pure creation of Prime Video (among others) which testifies to the difficulty of with which the series tries to juggle with its multiple intrigues and its characters, some of which are more than dispensable, not to say useless.

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