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Netflix: the fate of the series The 3-Body Problem fixed

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024

It was last March that the Netflix catalog welcomed a new series entitled The Problem at Home. 3 bodies. This TV series adaptation of the trilogy by Chinese author Liu Cixin offered the public 8 first episodes and this show has the particularity of to be one of the most expensive programs in the history of the streaming platform. With a mixed launch, Netflix was not confident in the future of the series. The firm has just made this big decision today.

Netflix: the fate of the series The 3-Body Problem fixed

The uncertain future of the Problem at hand 3 bodies on Netflix

When it was launched on Netflix, the adaptation of the trilogy The Problem with 3 Bodiesby Liu Cixin did not necessarily immediately convince the spectators. The reviews were mixed and the audiences were not up to par. the desired height. Despite everything, the series produced by the creators of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, managed to achieve this goal. occupy first place in the most watched content on Netflix for three weeks and seven in the Top 10 World. But the streaming giant hoped for better for this program which is one of the most expensive ever produced in its history. The Hollywood Reporter reports that each of the eight episodes has a budget of $20 million. We can understand that Netflix's confidence in the future of this series is not at its maximum.

Netflix: the fate of the series The Fixed 3-Body Problem

Indeed, The Problem at hand 3 bodieshad to adapt the three volumes of the Chinese author's work, which meant that the public had to have the right to 3 seasons. Except that two weeks ago, Netflix announced; that there would be no season 2 for its science fiction series but new episodes without specifying the number. Following this announcement, the creators of the series declared: :

We are delighted to be able to take this story to the next level. its epic conclusion. We were hoping that we would have the opportunity to do this. to take viewers to the ends of the universe with us.

Netflix: the fate of the series rie The Fixed 3-Body Problem

Finally, Netflix changes its plans

But today, we learned that there has been a turnaround. Indeed, it seems that Netflix has decided to to review your copy concerning The Problem with 3 bodiessince the showrunners of the series have just announced excellent news this Friday which will delight fans. Thus, according to the site Deadline, Benioff, Weiss and Woo affirmed that that Netflix had finally given its green light for the production of two additional seasons. This therefore corresponds to the number of seasons that the trio needed to tell the story as they had imagined it. Netflix continues to cancel series, the streaming platform is taking a huge risk by putting these two new seasons on track for The Problem at large>. 3 bodies. We can bet that success will be there.

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