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The popular Canadian dental insurance plan in Quebec

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First aid covered by the new Canadian dental insurance plan will be offered in May.

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While Quebec wants to withdraw from the new Canadian dental insurance plan created by Ottawa, we must admit that this plan is popular with Quebecers. It is in this province that the program is the most popular in the country.

Nearly 1.4 million Canadians have registered for dental insurance to date. A third of these registrations are in Quebec. But a few weeks before the first appointments, there is still a lot of confusion about this program, both on the part of health professionals and that of the beneficiaries.

To ensure awareness of this program, New Democratic MP Alexandre Boulerice undertook a tour of residences for the elderly (RPA) in his riding, an opportunity to provide information and remind voters that the program is part of the agreement that the New Democratic Party (NDP) concluded with the Liberals so that they could remain in power.

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New Democrat MP Alexandre Boulerice visited a dozen seniors' residences to explain the new program.

In the cafeteria of an RPA on Papineau Street, in Montreal, the MP distributes leaflets before speaking to residents. “If you register, you will be able to go to the dentist and you will not have to pay money and then get reimbursed,” explains the deputy leader of the NDP. “The bill is going to be sent directly to Ottawa. It could be a prosthesis, implants or dentures. “It's all covered,” he told a crowd captivated by the subject.

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