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The police exposed the organizer of scandalous sex parties in Lviv region

Sex parties

The police have exposed the organizer of sex parties in the Lviv region, who is suspected of “inciting for debauchery”. The event was held under the name “Decent Galician party”.

The court has already chosen a preventive measure for the man in the form of night house arrest. This is reported by the publication

The mass media studied the materials of the case and found out that at the end of December 2023, the suspect rented a house for UAH 16,000 for one night to hold the so-called “Proper Galician party”. The day before, he created a group in Telegram, where at the time of the disclosure by the law enforcement officers, there were 63 people.

It was there that the rules of behavior at the party were explained: everyone had to hand in their mobile phones, a thematic dress code was in effect, and participants could also engage in have sex or perform other sexual acts with voluntary consent.

To take part in the sex party, each participant had to pass an interview with the organizer via video link, as well as pay for the entrance fee (from 700 to 3500 hryvnias – depending on the gender and whether the person comes alone or with a couple). After payment, the organizer sent “personal party numbers” thatpeople had to name when entering the house. Participants were provided with condoms, lubricants, etc.

The police exposed the organizer of the scandalous sex parties in Lviv region

Sex parties

In the case materials, the address of the house is hidden, so it is not known where exactly it is located. The police exposed the organizer, a native of the village of Zastavne near Lviv, and on March 22, 2024, informed him of the suspicion of a criminal offense, namely “incitement for debauchery”. house arrest for two months. The pre-trial investigation continues, the suspect faces up to five years in prison for committing a criminal offense.

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