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The original mitnik, perhaps, is the owner of a luxurious apartment in Dubai

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

Chief Mitnik, perhaps, is the owner of a comfortable apartment in Dubai

Government Inspector of the Mitigation Post &la quo ;Smilnitsa near the Lviv region, Andriy Konanets will confirm that Volodya has apartments in Dubai for 175 thousand dollars.

Also about the price go from the investigated “Schemes”, which is based on this country Act from the official register Dubai.

As the journalists reported, in 2010 Andriy Konanets added a studio in Dubai, which is in the United Arab Emirates, with an area of ​​34 m² at the Lakeside complex. Based on transactions, access to which was denied by journalists, this apartment was bought for 175 thousand dollars (at the current exchange rate it is about 7 million hryvnias – ed.)And it was rented out for a long time. The income from the rent amounted to 36 thousand dollars (nearly one million hryvnias).

At the same time, as they mean “Schemes”, the Mitnik declarations did not indicate this inviolability and rental.

< p>Based on the Declaration for 2023, the final result is the installation of the Chief State Inspector of the Military Department No. 2 of the Military Post “Smilnitsa” in Lviv region. Until then, he was the chief inspector of the military post “Yavoriv”, even earlier — chief inspector of the Krakovets post. For 2023, he and his team declared nearly one million hryvnias of wages.

Journalists finally hope that there is no information about his inviolability in Dubai — this is “unreasonable”. According to his words, he has no apartments there.

In addition, journalists found in Dubai the integrity of the great protector of the head of the State Mitigation Service of Ukraine Ruslan Cherkassky and cigarette businessman Vitaly Kiro for 25 million in dollars.

“Schemes” It is confirmed that in 2010 Cherkasy and Kiro invested in apartments near the Pentominium tower A complex (called Six Senses Residences) with an area of ​​649 square meters for a total cost of over 10 million dollars.

Rock wound She stinks bought an office accommodation in Dubai Pearl, the price of which is 14 million dollars. Part of Cherkasy — 861 square meters.

Cherkassky himself stated in the declarations of other intangibility projects in the OAU. These are two apartments in the Bahar 6 residential complex, one of which — Takozhn is the purchase of Z VITALIM Kir.

Cherkasy, having finished the prazuvati by the Mitnitzi Shchel on the earnings of the 1990s, the President of the Ukrainian, Zizhi, Zizhov, Znight & Laquo; On February 24, 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers held a meeting of the intercessor of the head of the State Mitigation Service of Ukraine. It was immediately reported that law enforcement officers had killed 10 high-ranking planters associated with the scheme for stealing cash from the export of Ukrainian grain.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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