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Recently, at one of the concerts in Ukraine, Khrystyna Solovya covered the legendary track of Iryna Bilyk “And I swim”. The network already appreciated the new sound of the song and wrote their comments to the artist.

Ukrainian singer Khrystyna Soloviy admitted that the songs of Iryna Bilyk inspired the girl to start her own musical career. She personally asked for permission to perform this track.

According to Khrystyna, she was incredibly happy to receive a favorable response from Iryna Bilyk. After all, this is her favorite Ukrainian performer. Solovyi sincerely considers her “the virgin of the Ukrainian stage”.

Thank you, Iryna Bilyk, for all the Ukrainian songs you gave us. They were also the soundtrack to my dreams of becoming a singer. Thank you very much for the permission to perform one of my favorite songs – “And I'm Swimming”. If they ask me who is my virgin on the Ukrainian scene, I will say without hesitation – Iryna Bilyk, – Khrystyna captioned the video.

The performance of Iryna Bilyk's hit became for Khrystyna not only a tribute, but also a personal emotional moment.

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It is worth noting that the song “And I swim” is one of Iryna Bilyk's biggest hits. She recorded this track in 1997, and later shot a video.

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