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The new robot will reveal all the secrets of the sea depths

The Belgian company uWare Robotics presented the robot uOne, designed for underwater tasks. Its feature became hybridity, writes New Atlas.

UOne combined the characteristics of two types of similar devices. The first is called ROV. It can be controlled remotely, but a special cable goes from the device to the surface. If it is lost, the tool may disappear under water. The second type – AUV. They do not need a cable, such a device works autonomously. But the elongated shape interferes with maneuvering.

Engineers from Belgium solved the problem. The uOne device is technically an AUV, but the body is made quite short. The height and width of the robot are 40 cm, and the length – 40 cm. The device weighs 15 kg, and it also supports loads up to 5 kg. Eight motors are used for movement, which also allow for freezing in place. Maximum speed – 3 knots, i.e. 5.5 km/h. No cable is required for the operation of the device, which sinks to a depth of up to 75 m.

The robot is equipped with built-in cameras and an inertial measurement unit, which allow it to move autonomously along a pre-prepared route. The trajectory is downloaded wirelessly. The data received during operation remains on the built-in storage. The information can then also be transmitted using wireless communication.

UOne is expected to be used to inspect underwater structures. For example, it will come in handy for work on oil rig platforms and pipelines. The device can also create three-dimensional point clouds of its surroundings.

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