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The Minister of Justice cancels a 2nd call for applications for the position of judge in Val-d’Or

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Several calls for applications for judge positions have been canceled since 2020. (Archive photo)

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The Minister of Justice of Quebec, Simon Jolin-Barrette, cancels for a second time a call for applications for the position of judge in Val-d'Or. A situation described as “excessively rare” by various actors in the justice sector. Opposition parties are demanding explanations from the minister.

The first call for applications for this position of judge at the Court of Quebec of Val-d'Or had been canceled at the beginning of 2023. The minister had mentioned in an interview with La Presse at that time that exceptional circumstances arise where a second opinion must be given. He refused to provide further explanations on the reasons justifying this decision.

A second call for applications was then launched. Interested candidates had until September 2023 to apply. However, Minister Jolin-Barrette has once again canceled the call for applications.

The minister's office indicates that the process is confidential and that the minister cannot comment on the subject. By email we specify that it may happen, for example, that the number of applications is insufficient, that the selection committee is not able to make a recommendation, or that we are informed of an issue in relation to a candidate after submission of the report. In some cases, positions are indeed more difficult to fill and it is sometimes necessary to launch more than one competition.

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Two calls for applications for the position of judge in Val-d'Or were canceled in 2023-2024. (File photo)

Radio-Canada tried to find out if there will be a third display, but the minister's office specifies that the rest of the steps will be known in due course.

The Ministry of Justice refers us to article 3 of the Regulation on the procedure for selecting candidates for the office of judge of the Court of Quebec. It stipulates that if the minister considers, after having received the committee's report and taking into account the list of proposed candidates that he cannot, in the best interests of justice, choose for a position a candidate in In view of a recommendation to the Council of Ministers for an appointment, the competition is canceled for this position.

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