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The Minister of Defense spoke to Israel about the plan for the Gaza Strip

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

Israeli Minister of Defense speaks about the plan for the Gaza Strip

Photo: Yoav Galant

Israel is considering the possibility of creating an alternative to the local self-government body in the Gaza Strip from the terrorist group Hamas.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant stated this,  Associated Press&n bsp;

"We are looking for an alternative to Hamas in a government-controlled country. The frames for the TSO are navigated by the Izolyatsiye, the Usunennya Boy -Ovikiv iz district are tag of the same forces, yaki to allow the formul to the pravli alternative & quot; , – by saying vin at the nonsense. Israel's goals are to end the military and political power of Hamas in the Gaza Strip and return home the guarantors who were buried during the terrorist attack on the country on June 7.

Head of the Israeli Defense Ministry Liv, we do not accept the Hamas government in Zhodny stage of the process leading up to the war.”

Yoav Galant is one of three members of the Israeli Military Cabinet who recently called for the development of a detailed post-war plan for the Gazi Strip. His comments were heard during a period of new uncertainty in the eight-month war.

An Israeli defense official told the AP that Galant believes that the Gaza region is isolated from Hamas and become “centers of local self-government” And to identify the forces that can ensure the formation of an order for a longer term.

"Israel is looking for local unheralded actors. Gallant appreciates that Palestinians are guilty of caring for Palestinians. “Israel accepts the necessary assistance in this territory, and the local forces will support their divisions in order to maintain their power,” the official said.

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