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The military pilot spoke frankly about his salary

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

A military pilot spoke frankly about his salary

"Viking" talked about the salary of military pilots/screenshot from the video

The pilot “Viking”, who flies the Mi-24 helicopter, talked about the increase in the level of wages during the full-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine.

According to him, the salaries of Ukrainian pilots have increased by 130% since the beginning of the invasion. The pilot, who made more than 100 combat sorties, said in an interview with TSN that before that the salary was not enough to ensure a normal life, especially when there is a family.

Not without scandals< /h2>

He noted that the issue of underpaying the military was a constant problem and often led to conflicts.

There is not much money, but if you take the salary before a full-scale invasion, it there was an amount that, frankly, was not enough just to live, if there is a child and a wife. There were a lot of scandals about the fact that the salary of the military is not what it could be,
– the pilot shared.

He also emphasized the importance of aviation in the Armed Forces, which is able to effectively perform various tasks, from landing troops to destroying enemy equipment.

“On the example of 2014 – 2015 years, I did not perform any tasks then, because I was still a cadet, but according to the stories of my comrades who participated in these tasks… they showed that army aviation – is a very important component in the army , which mobile can perform various tasks”, – emphasized the military.

“Viking” carries out combat missions on the Mi-24 helicopter aimed at striking the enemy, including personnel and equipment. While Mi-8 helicopter pilots perform various tasks such as medical evacuation and search and rescue operations.

Natasha Kumar

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