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The Lord of the Rings: Christopher Lee at the center of this ultra-promising new project

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May13,2024

One ​​of the greatest figures in Pop Culture, the late Christopher Lee will be at the center of this new project which is already shaping up to be a success. exciting.

The Lord of the Rings: Christopher Lee at the center of this ultra-promising new project

À honor of the legend Christopher Lee

There are faces and voices that have made cinema. What would Hollywood cinema be without Orson Welles, Steve McQueen and Vincent Price? And Japanese cinema without Toshirō Mifune? It's hard to imagine it. The same goes for the gigantic British actor Christopher Lee, who died in 2015 at the end of a busy life.We saw him as Dracula in the legendary Hammer horror films, as Saruman in the trilogiesThe Lord of the RingsandThe Hobbit from Peter Jackson, as Count Dooku in the prelogyStar Wars, as a Jamesbondian villain inThe Man with the Golden Gun and in five Tim Burton films, of which he was one of the favorite actors.

The Lord of the Rings: Christopher Lee at the center of this ultra-promising new project

But a documentary produced by the BBC tells us the little-known story of this jack-of-all-trades and versatile artist. life almost as extraordinary as the films he starred in. Because yes, Christopher Lee's life almost belongs to the world. the legend: child of an Italian aristocrat, he attended the à the last public execution by guillotine, met with child of Rasputin's assassins, was secret agent and war hero, isthe only actor fromLord of the Ringswith having met J.R.R. Tolkien, and was metal singer. Oh, and he spoke eight languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian and Swedish.

In this documentary, entitled; The Life and Deaths of Christopher Leeand carried out by Jon Spira, famous directors such as Peter Jackson and Joe Dante, but also members of Christopher Lee's family and some of his friends, will paint a portrait of this gigantic actor. Andas we don't joke with legends, the documentary will also include a stop-motion sequence animated by the brilliant Dave McKean, the famous artist ofThe Sandman, the classic British Dark Fantasy by Neil Gaiman. The film would be told by a doll by Christopher Lee, animated by a collaborator of the films of Wes Anderson. Just that!

Aware of the potential success of his documentary, Jon Spira launched Kickstarter funding to be able to release it in physical format, with numerous rewards.If this article interested you, don't hesitate to read it. discover this new project by Jordan Peele, which is also very exciting.

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