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The last diesel car has left the Volvo assembly line: it will be placed in a museum

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar30,2024

>> The last diesel car/Volvo Car AB

The Volvo company is ending its 45-year history of using diesel engines in its passenger cars. The Swedish automaker's latest diesel model is the XC90 premium crossover, which rolled off the assembly line in Torsland.

Volvo Car AB launched its latest diesel car this week. By 2030, the automobile concern plans to completely switch to the production of electric vehicles. According to Bloomberg.

According to Erik Severinson, head of Volvo Car, who is responsible for new cars and operational strategy, the company will continue to support its customers with diesel engines and offer spare parts, but is not slowing down the development of electric cars, because this technology continues to provide more growth in the long term.

We believe our customers see the same transition to clean mobility as we do, he said.< /p>

The company's latest diesel vehicle features a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine from the VEA family that debuted in 2013. It was immediately sent from the factory to the World of Volvo museum in Gothenburg.

In the main European market of the brand nine years ago, the peak of sales of diesel cars was about half of new cars. Last year, their share fell to 14% of registrations.

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