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The Korean automaker will supply pickup trucks for the Armed Forces

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar15,2024

The Korean automaker will supply pickups for the Armed Forces

The Korean automaker will supply pickups

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the signing of a memorandum between the Defense Procurement Agency and the Korean company KG Mobility Corp, formerly known as SsangYong. needs of the Armed Forces, designed to provide new levels of mobility and effectiveness on the battlefield. This is stated on the website of the Ministry of Defense.

The signing of this memorandum is part of a larger strategy of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which involves cooperation with a number of the world's leading manufacturers of automotive equipment.

For efficient procurement of pickup trucks, it is important to establish direct cooperation with manufacturers. After all, the absence of additional intermediaries when concluding a contract will allow us to get the most favorable prices and provide the military with more transport, – commented the director of the Defense Procurement Agency, Maryna Bezrukova.

One of the key aspects of this initiative is to provide the Armed Forces with highly efficient and reliable pickup trucks, which are important for increasing the maneuverability and operational efficiency of the troops. Currently, in the context of the increasing needs of the army in vehicles, this cooperation plays a critical role.

An important step on the way to the implementation of these plans was the development by the “Defense Procurement Agency” of proposals for changes in the legislation. In particular, it is about the possibility to purchase pickup trucks and other necessary equipment without paying excise duty, customs duty and value added tax. This will not only simplify logistics and reduce costs, but also significantly speed up the process of supplying the military with the necessary equipment.

The Korean automaker will supply pickups for the Armed Forces

The Korean automaker will supply pickups

According to the official statements of representatives of the Ministry of Defense, such legislative initiatives are already at the stage of consideration, which indicates the serious intention of the Ukrainian side to expand and improve its defense potential with the help of international technical support.

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