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“The Cane and the Frost Horde”: a fantasy inspired by Ukrainian mythology has appeared in Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar15,2024


"Kiy and the Frost Horde"/Press Service

On March 13, a presentation of Nik Lysytskyi's epic fantasy “Kiy and the Frosty Horde” took place in the Stary Lev bookstore-cafe on Mykhailivska Street. It is interesting that the story is based on Ukrainian mythology.

“Kiy and the Frost Horde” is the first novel of the big series “Epic Adventures of Mythical Heroes in the Multiverse”. The events in it take place in a new fantastic universe where characters from ancient Ukrainian myths, legends and fairy tales live.

The first bookseries tells about a dreamy young man Kyi, in whose world a disaster occurs – winter does not end. With his friend Chugaistr, Kiy is trying to find out why spring has been delayed. Together they embark on a dangerous journey, during which the young man bravely overcomes all obstacles, fights the terrible Frost Horde and saves his native land.

How did the protagonist of the novel find himself, what messages did the author put in the book and why you should read fantasy right now – in a friendly conversation, Nik Lysytsky revealed all the secrets of creating a work. The writer also introduced the guests of the event to the world of Ukrainian mythology and told why he turned to it when writing the novel.

The book “Kiy and the Frosty Horde” is a joint project of Nik Lysytskyi and the company “Fantastic Ukrainians”, which produces creative projects. Among the company's other achievements is the documentary series of the same name about modern Ukrainian culture, shown on 19 TV channels and posted on Ukrainian and foreign VOD platforms.

"Kiy and the Frost Horde": a fantasy based on Ukrainian mythology appeared in Ukraine

“Kiy and the Frosty Horde”/Press Service

< strong>Nick Lysytskyi is a writer, creative producer and popularizer of Ukrainian mythology. He is the author of the philosophical fantasy “Tales for Adult Children” (2015) and the political detective story “Caesars” (2019).

In 2020, Nick founded the public organization for the preservation and popularization of Ukrainian mythology “Magic the world of UA”. Over the course of three years, under his leadership, an interactive platform with augmented reality, the popular board game “Magic World. Source of Power”, a script for an animated series and a YouTube show were created.

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