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The Iranian government asked the United States for help after the air strike, Washington stated its readiness to help, but “failed to do so”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

The Iranian government asked the US for help after the air strike, Washington stated its readiness to help, but not mig

The USA "couldn't" I will help Iran after the plane crash, which has lost the core of the power and is an ally of Vladimir Putin’s army of racists.

The Iranian order has been killed in order to help the United States of America (USA) after the plane crash with the president  Ibrahim Raisi, including Washington " “I didn’t know.”

About this process, Matthew Miller, a spokesman for the US State Department, writes for Reuters.

"The Iranian order came to us with cries for help. “We clearly made it clear to them that we will definitely help, as we are confident in the failure of the foreign order in such situations,” Miller said.

” no reasons, We couldn’t give you such additional help,” — Miller said, without specifying details.

Considering that the United States is not aware that Tehran may blame Washington for the death of the President of Iran, the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin blocked the communication between the US and plane crash.

The President of Iran, Abraham Raisi, died on the 19th of May, returning from Azerbaijan, and the head of the country, Ilham Aliyev, opened the dam.

The helicopter on which Ra flew This is the minister of foreign countries reference Hossein Amir Abdollahian, having recognized accidents in the mountains at the southern entrance to Iran, not far from the borders with Azerbaijan and Turechina. After the death of Ibrahim Rais, the head of state was soon dismissed by Vice President of Iran Mohammad Mokhber. Yogo candidacy is also circulating the Supreme Lider Iran Ayatol ali Khamenae.

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