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The Incredibles, Nemo: this rumor about Pixar will drive fans crazy with rage

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

When will studios stop making money? behind their audience? While Disney, the parent company of Pixar since 2006, considered too woke by spectators, accumulates failures at the box office, it could well drag its subsidiary into its downfall. Indeed, according to a worrying rumor, the famous lamp is on the verge of making a decision concerning its first films, includingThe Incredibles and Nemo

The Incredibles, Nemo: this rumor about Pixar will make fans mad with rage

if this rumor about Pixar is true, fans will cry

During the first years of Pixar, some masterpieces have seen the light of day, such as Toy Story 1 and 2 (1995 and 1999), 1,001 Paws (1998), < em>Monsters Inc. (2001),Finding Nemo (2003) or even The Incredibles (2004). The studio is bringing about a real revolution within the animation landscape, until now rather traditional, with its films in synthesized 3D images. Acquired by Disney in the mid-2000s, which already co-produced its feature films, the old company by Steve Jobs has recently focused on the sequels and spin-offs of its flagship sagas. A bias that was his fault. criticized, being perceived by spectators as a blatant lack of originality. and creativity. However, according to a recent rumor, the future of Pixar could be even worse…

The Incredibles, Nemo: this rumor about Pixar will drive fans crazy with rage

After several failures at the box- office, includingBuzz Lightyearin 2022 andElementaireIn 2023, Pixar will focus on cinema, abandoning streaming. The studio plans to release new versions of its first successes, according to the Bloomberg website. Indeed, he would indeed be thinking about what to do. the idea of ​​rebooting films likeFinding NemoorThe Incredibles, released in the early 2000s. Hollywood, the trend which consists of recycling old feature films has grown exponentially for some time. There is no longer any question of waiting several decades before updating a story, from now on, only a handful of years are enough… A consequence of thecreative breakdown of the story. activity which rages across the Atlantic and which enrages the spectators, sickened by seeing the same characters over and over again. the screen.

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By Natasha Kumar

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