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Star Wars: Lucasfilm president faces fan toxicity against women

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, discusses the toxicity of from some fans to with regard to female actresses, while the series Star Wars: The Acolyte comes out in four days on Disney+.

Star Wars: the president of Lucasfilm faces the toxicity of fans towards women

star wars: the acolyte, see you on May 4

After two trailers already available; broadcast, and a whole promotional campaign aimed at present the new characters and its plot, the Star Wars: The Acolyte seriesis ready to go land on Disney+. On June 4, fans of the very distant galaxy will be able to judge an expected series at the turn, due to the weakness of the latest projects overseen by the firm with big ears.

And for good reason, since the takeover of the franchise in 2012, the failures have been numerous, and the successes much fewer, if we except the surprise Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, or the series The Mandalorian. The fanbase then wants to be more demanding, and agrave; reason. 

< h2>Kathleen Kennedy deplores toxic behavior towards women

A requirement which can sometimes turn into a serious problem. toxicity. In any case, this is what Star Wars president Kathleen Kennedy raised. during an interview for the New York Times.According to her, female actresses face more pressure from male fans, some of whom behave inappropriately.

I think a lot of women who set foot in Star Wars feel let's debate a little more with this. Because the fan base is predominantly male, they are sometimes attacked in ways that can be quite personal… Operating within these gigantic franchises now, with social media and the levels of expectation… it's terrifying”

< p>Toxicity which we find mainly on social networks, such as on Personal attacks are recurrent. While Star Wars: The Acolytepresents several female characters, such as the jedi master Vernestra Rwoh, the padawan Jecki Lon or the warrior Mae, some Internet users have qualified as the series of tropwokes, going as far as use the term “The Wokelyte”. It's even a trend at Disney, criticized in this way on the remake of The Little Mermaid or on Marvel films like Black Panther or The Marvels.

Faced with the criticisms made at agrave; against The Acolyte, Kathleen Kennedy recalled the need for to remain inclusiveand stay the course in terms of representation“I believe that storytelling should be representative of everyone. It's an obvious decision for me.”

For her part, showrunner Leslie Headland wanted to be sharper. While she understands fans' disappointment with the latest Star Wars projects, she does not in any way condone any form of toxic behavior. “As a fan myself, I know how frustrating some Star Wars storytelling has been in the past,” noted Star Wars. Headland. “I felt it myself. I maintain my empathy for “Star Wars” fans. But I want to be clear. Anyone who engages in intolerance, racism or hate speech… I don't consider him a fan.”

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