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The Hobbit: this cult object mysteriously stolen

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun2,2024

Here is the mysterious story surrounding the theft of one of the most famous relics of the Lord of the Rings and the < em>Hobbit.

The Hobbit: this cult object mysteriously stolen

this powerful stolen hobbit artifact after filming the films

Anduril, the sword of Aragorn, the One Ring, the Palantíri, Dart, the dagger of Bilbo, the Ring of Barahir, the light of Eärendil, are some of one of the most cult artifacts from Lord of the Rings and Hobbit. 

Orcrist is part of a same family. Forged at home Gondolin, she is nicknamed “Gobelins Cleaver”. Thiselven bladeon which is engraved its name in runes is made up of a handle formed by à from a dragon's tooth. After years and years of being lost, she is finally found by Bilbo, Thorin and the Dwarves in the Trolls' Cave at the beginning of the story. riple for the recapture of Erebor. Confiscated by the Elves of the Black Forest during the capture of the Dwarves, the magical sword was placed on the tomb of Thorin at his death, under the Lonely Mountain. 

The Hobbit: This cult object mysteriously stolen

Thorin's sword put up for auction

But reality sometimes surpasses fiction. The director of the The Hobbit trilogy Peter Jackson gave to the interpreter of Thorin Richard Armitage the famous swordas an end-of-filming gift. But shortly after receiving the sword priceless, it has disappeared. The actor then told his misadventure at home Total Film. He revealed that he had stored it in his locker, before it was stolen, then put up for auction.

It was Peter Jackson who learned of the relic's sale, and who—at first—believed that Armitage had put it up for auction himself due to financial difficulties. The 52-year-old actor explained the whole story to the American media. “I just didn't expect to be given the original sword from the filming. In fact, I had locked it away and it was stolen, and someone was trying to sell it.”

The Hobbit: this cult object mysteriously stolen

Peter [Jackson] took me on. leaves and said to me: “Do you have a lot of money?” I replied: “What are you talking about?” He said to me: “Your sword is for sale online. So I had to call the police, but we got the sword back. Now it's on a shelf in a very visible place.”

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