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Furiosa: The new Mad Max breaks this sad record within the franchise

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun2,2024

Since May 22, fans ofMad Max, the post-apocalyptic universe of George Miller, have was able to discover in cinemas the very good spin-off of the saga dedicated to à Furiosa. Despite the enthusiasm of critics and spectators for this flamboyant, cruel and tortured opus,success is not there… Indeed, the film has only just been beat a sad record held by Le Défi.

Furiosa: the new Mad Max beats this sad record within the franchise

the first results of Furiosa: a Mad Max sagaare here, and it's not pretty

Ported by Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth, Furiosa is an epic nihilistic and violent as there are few in the Seventh Art. With its colossal budget of 168 million, it is aRated R film (forbidden to young people) much more expensive than average. Rare are the studios with invest as much money in a spectacular “blockbuster” aspart of the public will not be able to go and watch in cinemas. It was a risky bet. What Warner Bros. did, whose certain experiments in a darker register sometimes proved to be profitable, as with The Joker and its more than a billion dollars raked in at the global box office. A feat that does not seem ready to repeat the new Mad Max, which comes from break a sad 43-year-old record in the saga. alt=”Furiosa: the new Mad Max beats this sad record within the franchise” />

And for good reason,revenues for Furiosa have fallen; by 59.2% during its second week of operation! This is even worse (taking into account the modern parameters of marketing a film) than the 59.7% of < em>Défi, the second part of the trilogy, in 1981. The latter certainly became cult in North America, but it was not when it was released in theaters (or it grossed some 23.7 million dollars worldwide), buton the market secondary(VHS then DVD). Furiosa will probably not be profitable, and this failure could well call into question the sequels teased by George Miller in 2019…

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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