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The heaviest blueberry ever grown in Australia: how much does it weigh

The heaviest blueberry in history

An Australian farm has grown the largest and heaviest blueberry in the world, breaking the previous Guinness world record. Its weight is 20.4 g, and its diameter is 39.31 mm.

The giant blueberry is about the size of a table tennis ball, but much heavier. The British online publication The Independent writes about it.

The huge fruit was picked in November at a farm in Corinda, operated by the Costa Group, on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, one of Australia's largest blueberry growing regions.

The berry of the new Eterna variety is 39.31mm wide and weight of 20.4 grams, which is about 10 times greater than the average weight of a blueberry – usually from 1 to 3.5 grams. The fruits of this blueberry variety always grow tasty and large, and also have a crispy skin.

Although the fruit is large, there is absolutely no compromise in quality and taste, as would be expected in the development of a premium blueberry variety, the statement said.

This week, Guinness World Records publicly confirmed , that the Corindy blueberry is the largest in the world, beating the previous record of 1.23 times, which was set by a berry grown in Western Australia in 2020.

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