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The head of Rheinmetall called on Europe to build defense factories: The US will not help in case of war

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The head of the largest German weapons concern Rheinmetall, Armin Papperger, said that European countries should seriously consider the prospect of unification and development of the defense complex.

In his opinion, in the event of a major war on the continent, the United States will not provide significant assistance and then Europe will be forced to defend itself with its own forces.

— The US is more focused on the Asia-Pacific region than Europe. If the current situation turns into a major military conflict, the United States will focus on Asia, and then Europe will be left alone— pointed out a German businessman, writes  Financial Times.

Papperger added that previously in European society there was always the belief that any threat of an armed invasion would lead to large-scale assistance from the United States, but this will not happen. The states are going through their own problems, the main one of which is political polarization within the country.

— The big challenge for America's next president will be bringing the two parties together. It’s bad when the world’s largest economy – and the greatest defensive power – is a divided nation— concluded the head of Rheinmetall.

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