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The frontwoman of the Ukrainian rock band AMARIIA presents her pop project Mar'ya

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

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Frontwoman of the Ukrainian rock band AMARIIA – participants of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, Mariya Arkhipova presents her solo pop project Mar'ya and her debut single “Znayu”, which is dedicated to everyone who is in love or has ever been loved.

The single “I know” is a melodic mantra of love that embraces the soul with its poetic insight. Watch the atmospheric video on YouTube.

The notes of the composition “I know” reflect the tenderness, but also the restlessness of the thoughts that hide in the heart of everyone who once loved. This is a song about faith in love, but also about the uncertainty of fate, which hangs in the air like a fog. Each line is like an echo of a heart that sings its deepest confessions at night.

The main message of the song “I know” sounds like a call to open the heart to love, despite its uncertainty and contradictions. The composition encourages us to feel the magic of this extraordinary feeling, which can change our lives, making us feel alive, – comments Mar'ya.

According to the singer, the song reminds us that love is a journey where we can accompany anxiety and doubt, but it is these feelings that make us real. By opening our heart to sadness and joy, we feel completely true – that's the most important thing.

Love is an incredible feeling that fills the heart and makes it beat more often. But you should open your heart and not be afraid of conflicting feelings, because it is feelings that make us living people. The song talks about the importance of embracing uncertainty and the ability to keep believing in love, even in the darkest moments of our lives. She urges listeners to think about the unpredictable nature of relationships and surrender to the belief that love is always worth fighting for, says Maria Arkhipova.

In addition to the debut single, Mar'ya will soon present a rock version of the song, as well as a singer will not leave AMARIIA listeners without surprises. In the near future, the band plans to announce its new powerful English-language single and a pleasant bonus for fans.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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