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Russians started licking balls to get a million

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

Russians began licking eggs to get a million

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Residents of Yekaterinburg began licking eggs in stores to catch salmonella and receive a million rubles in compensation.

One of the Russian Telegram channels writes about this.

“It all started with the fact that since May 16, 18 people were found to have salmonella, rotavirus and norovirus. They were connected by the fact that they ate ready-made food purchased in Lifemart stores. In Ekaterinburg. After this, the owner of the chain, Ivan Zaichenko, promised to pay a million rubles to each person who was poisoned,” the message says.

And so people could not be stopped: they began to buy the company’s products and lick chicken eggs in the hope of getting poisoned and get the money.

"As soon as I heard about a million rubles, I immediately went to Lifemart. I can endure stomach pain, fever and vomiting. A million is worth it,” said one of the customers.

 Russians began licking eggs to get a million

Rospotrebnadzor immediately received about 90 complaints from poisoned buyers. In the end, Zaichenko admitted that the idea with a million was a mistake.

< p>"It seems that the million was a completely idiotic idea, this is my mistake. Please note that we are going to pay compensation to those whom Rospotrebnadzor referred to when starting the inspections. This is 18 people, and we will take these lists from Rospotrebnadzor itself. Any other requests will not be eligible for this payment. Therefore, please do not lick the eggs, it is dangerous,” he said.

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