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The flight attendants found 1 kg of gold in their body: how it happened (photo)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

The flight attendants found 1 kg of gold in their bodies: how it happened (photo)


Near Kannur in India, a flight attendant was arrested for smuggling about 1 kg of gold. Before the flight from Muscat (Oman), the woman stole cat metal from her rectum. This is reported by NDTV.

At the Kannur International Airport, police officers from the Federal Intelligence Directorate stopped the flight attendant, a native of Calcutti, Surabhi Khatun, who arrived from Muscat on May 28.

It was about The body of the flight attendant was identified ;960 g of smuggled gold in the form of an alloy. Khatun stole the metal from her rectum.

The flight attendants were in charge of additional drinks and investigations were carried out. After this, she was brought before the court and imprisoned for 14 days before being convicted.


Photo: Odishabytes

As it turns out, the first outbreak in India, when a member of the airline crew is arrested for the smuggling of gold in such an unpopular way.

Law enforcement officials have requested a detailed investigation. The collected evidence shows that the defendant had been involved in gold smuggling several times before.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga

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