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The first collaboration: KOZAK SIROMAHA and Gordiy Starukh presented the song “Zhorno”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr15,2024

The first collaboration: KOZAK SIROMAHA and Gordiy Starukh presented the song

KOZAK SIROMAHA and Gordiy Starukh/YouTube

Legends of the Ukrainian talent show Voice of the Country KOZAK SIROMAHA and Gordiy Starukh released their first joint composition “Zhorno”. The composition is performed in the style of alternative folklore.

Radio Maximum continues to talk about interesting collaborations of Ukrainian artists. This time, the male duet performed the incredible song “Zhorno”.

The song “Zhorno” is charged with eternal symbols that are familiar to every Ukrainian from time immemorial, and in this difficult time they give the awareness that we will pass through this test, just like have passed through many winters in their history.

Our mills have never stopped and will never stop. Life will be restored, because the very ground under our feet gives us strength. Let's act together, – write the performers.

Symbols of the Light of the Father and the holy Mother Earth – realized knowledge in light and interaction with nature, as with an inseparable part of oneself. There is a time to sing about separation, love and inner feelings, and there is a time when your song should give hope, strength and determination.

Remnants and reminders of past pain with hope for a better future. Actions are like sowing – neither our thoughts nor our actions disappear without a trace. In addition, there are laws of nature, whether we like them or not, but everything follows its course. Our mood and internal state play a significant role in building our destiny.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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