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Destruction of a memorial: volunteers renovated a stele at the entrance to the Donetsk region

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr15,2024


Volunteers updated the stele/Screen from the video

Activists decided to update the sign of the Donetsk region at the entrance to the region from the Dnipropetrovsk region. Volunteers peeled off the old layer of paint and applied a new one, painting over the signatures of the military.

The video of the updated sign will be published on the page “Typical Pokrovsk” on Instagram.

Combat paramedic Iryna “Cheka” Tsybuh criticized such an update. She emphasized that the stele was symbolic – because it was signed by soldiers who are no longer alive.

It hurts. It was a commemorative sign with super-powerful meaning and history, not just a notice of entry into the area. There were signatures of our compatriots who are no longer alive, she wrote.

Volunteer Jana Statna added that “people are slightly crossing the line with their volunteering.”

Who asked to update the stele? She was beautiful, wonderful! Our best, dearest. It's not about a place for a photo, it's about people's memory and pain, the volunteer noted.

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