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“The first Arctic intrusion of the year” blows bitter cold across the West

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jan11,2024

« The first intrusion arctic of the year

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Environment Canada says “extreme wind chills will persist into the weekend in some areas.”

The Canadian Press

Extremely cold and severe winds are blowing from the Arctic towards the Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, bringing wind chill temperatures down to as low as -55 degrees Celsius in some areas.

Environment Canada's warnings about the first Arctic intrusion of the year cover parts of territories, much of central and northern British Columbia, and northern parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Forecasters say the Arctic air mass has settled over the Yukon and Northwest Territories with temperatures near -40 degrees Celsius and a wind chill that could make them feel like snow. ;it was -55. Temperatures will become more seasonal on Saturday.

An arctic air surge warning has also been issued for the north and central coast of British Columbia. British, bringing extremely cold winds Wednesday evening.

Snow ahead of warnings triggered several accidents on British Columbia highways, including an incident in which the Seattle Thunderbirds bus, the Western Hockey League, slid into a ditch near Kelowna, but no one was injured.

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Environment Canada says extreme cold puts everyone at risk, but risks are larger for children, the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, those who work or exercise outdoors, and those without adequate shelter. p>

Watch for cold-related symptoms: shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain and weakness, numbness and change in color of fingers and toes, Environment Canada says in its forecast.

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Pieces of ice form along the Yukon River on the edge of downtown Whitehorse.

The arrival of cold in British Columbia after a warm start to the winter brought with it snow, wind, avalanche risks, storm warnings, high waves, power outages and dangerous road conditions.

Avalanche Canada forecaster James Floyer says Outdoor enthusiasts should not let their excitement over recent heavy snowfall outweigh the need for caution, but extremely cold temperatures forecast for this week could help reduce the risk of avalanches fixing the snow on the mountains.

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