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The duck blogger appeared in the propaganda page “Zelensky and his militant drug addicts”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr12,2024

A duck blogger involved in the propaganda page

Blogger Vsevolod Filimonenko, who took part in the main campaign against the rubbish plant for the Vitaly Shabunin Anti-Corruption Center, starring in a propaganda film aimed at discrediting the ZSU, which for days vyishov on the air of the Russian Channel One. The film was produced by the Russian production “Ark”, producer — Oleksiy Koshevyi. 

In the 45th section under the name “Zelensky and his militant drug addicts”, in which propaganda they tell people about the “total drug addiction of the Ukrainian people” army”, Filimonenko is presented as a “Euromaidan activist” . 

“For several years after the coup d’état, Philimonenko had to flee from Ukraine. Having just stopped in Sweden, you hope to reveal one of the hidden secrets of the crazy campaign of the protesters on the Maidan and overcome their fear. At the cost of a rich life,” — Go to the movie, informs the “Media Detector”. 

According to Filimonenko, on the Maidan then “drugs poured out en masse and in large quantities,” and doping was added to the tea that was distributed to the protesters. “After all, I didn’t want to sleep, I wanted to protest, jump around, get into arguments with the police, there was quite a high level of activity,” — reveals Filimonenko. 

On the propaganda page with the participation of Filimonenko  Having expressed my respect to the Anti-Corruption Anti-Corruption Center (CPC) Vitaly Shabunin. In 2017, the CPC and a host of large-scale organizations that were trying to fight corruption waged a discrediting campaign against it, and in 2017 they wrote about it “Media Detector”. One of the active participants in the campaign was a blogger for the “Voice of the People” channel. Vsevolod Filimonenko. 

““Journalist”, for “change of work” whoever I was before Vlad, having appeared in the “documentary” Russian First Channel (ORT) — “Zelensky and his combat drug addicts” — classic Russian propaganda against the ZSU. Arsen Avakov, Yuriy Lutsenko, how do you handle it? Befits your “journalist” — victim of an anti-corruption activist? “You are the author of this line, many rocks legalized the consummate provocateur in order to imprison me,” — having written on Thursday, the 11th of April 2024, Shabunin on Facebook, looming in respect of the seven-year old age. conflict between Vitaliy Shabunin and the video blogger of the channel “ Voice to the people” Vsevolod Filimonenko. Shabunin struck Filimonenko, who systematically reinvestigated and collected the spivrobitniks of the Central Committee of the Pedagogical Committee, and contacted Oleksandr Ustinov for several months. Filimonenko doused Shabunin with a gas canister.

In 2019, Vsevolod Filimonenko left Ukraine. Now he lives in Sweden, where, according to his assertions, he recently lost his political affiliation.” I don’t want anything to do with this country. I visited Sweden and only everyone here knows about Ukraine and Ukrainians. I don’t want to be called a Ukrainian anymore, I’m Swede to the core,” — writing Filimonenko.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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