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The driver of the pickup truck lay down on the back seat while the car was driving: shocking video

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

The driver of the pickup truck lay down on the back seat while the car was driving: outrageous video

Driver Lying in Back Seat While Driving/The Drive Collage

Among the most dangerous new types of bad drivers are those who believe self-driving cars exist. So far, they've mostly been limited to Tesla, but the delusion seems to be contagious.

Take this Ford Super Duty driver, who filmed himself relaxing in the backseat while the pickup rolls down the highway at 85 miles per hour without a driver behind the wheel, endangering everyone nearby, The Drive reports.

The video in question (mirror) was uploaded by Instagram user @__c.crawford__. Cameron James (or Crawford) is pictured lying in the back seat of his Ford F-450 Platinum 2023 or newer, with no one behind the wheel to operate the vehicle or press the pedals. The video's caption says, “The F450 drives itself,” even though it's definitely not intended or advertised to do so.

Ford offers several levels of driving automation, and the BlueCruise system is the leading automation technology. companies However, BlueCruise is not an autopilot, as Ford emphasizes that the driver must keep an eye on the road. For this, Ford uses a driver monitoring system that is deactivated if the car suspects that the driver is not paying attention.

The driver showed how not to drive: watch the video

Posted by Cameron James (@__c.crawford__)

>But the F-450 doesn't even have BlueCruise. The most advanced assistance Ford offers on the Super Duty is a combination of adaptive cruise control and lane keeping, which are barely noticeable on the automation scale. They are designed to be used by a driver who is in control with their hands on the wheel, not some crazy person who thinks they can climb into the back seat. Ford tries to enforce this with steering wheel pressure sensors, but Tesla drivers have found plenty of ways around them, and apparently Cameron has too.

Some Tesla drivers have filmed themselves when used to do things like this as “jokes” and it's possible that this guy is doing the same. Whether he's trolling or not, it doesn't matter, because he's still proven that he's too reckless to be trusted with a car, especially an F-450. While the cocky tech bros at Tesla are bad enough, the F-450's 8,000-pound cabs are even more dangerous because of the sheer weight they carry. And judging by the comments, he's not the only one who thinks these cars can drive themselves.

There's a reason Tesla is under investigation for misleading consumers. But until nothing good comes of this case, it would be very good for everyone on the road if someone would take away this clown's license.

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