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The DPSU told how to learn how to fly an FPV drone

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun4,2024

DPSU told , how to learn how to fly an FPV drone

The DPSU told and showed how to learn how to fly an FPV drone.

The State Border Service of Ukraine  informs that learning how to fly a FPV-drone using a drone is not difficult at all.

“At first, border guards use simulators for training. Next, the fighters train on real models, practicing the skills of flying into the dugout and "drops".

But training is not limited to flight training. Every FPV drone operator should be able to repair and maintain “birds”. Disassembly, assembly, repair – border guards practice these skills to automaticity so that the losses of UAVs on the front lines are minimal.

If you are no more than 35 years old, you are ambitious, have experience in computer simulations and know physics at the level of a school course, we invite you join our team. The desire to protect the native land and destroy the enemy – mandatory! Join us and become part of the team that protects our border and serves Ukraine with dignity! Fill out the questionnaire using the QR code or call 044 23 07 600. We will win together!”, – informs DPSU.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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