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The data drive will be released for the first time in the form of a suitcase

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr14,2024

Data disk will be released for the first time in the form of a suitcase

The company Western Digital presented an unusual SSD-drive for data storage. The capacity of the Ultrastar Transporter can reach a significant 368 TB, and the device itself is made in the form of a suitcase on wheels.

This is not just a portable SSD, but also a NAS. Hardware base – 12-core Xeon 4310, complemented by 128 GB of RDIMM RAM. The device and the transport case (included in the delivery set) weigh about 15 kilograms, writes NotebookCheck.

This device is not created for gamers, but for film crews, researchers and other fields that need to “move a ton of data”. ;: for example, from filming.

For network connectivity, the Ultrastar Transporter has two Ethernet ports 200GbE and 10GbE (RJ45). USB 3.0 and VGA are also specified in the specifications.

It is interesting that the cost of the drive is still kept a secret. According to the manufacturer, they are ready to discuss it only with real customers. There is no information about release dates.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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