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Apple's iPhone 16 smartphone may have limited AI features

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr14,2024

Apple's iPhone 16 smartphone may have limited AI features

According to rumors, Apple's next iPhone 16 model may have limited AI features, which could negatively affect its sales. Analysts have expressed doubts about this release and predict that the full set of AI features will only be available in future models, such as the iPhone 17, which is expected to be released in 2025.

The iPhone 17 family will have an increased volume&rsquo RAM capacity and more powerful NPU processors, necessary for working with generative artificial intelligence. These improvements are likely to increase the iPhone 17's AI functionality.

Some analysts have already suggested that the iPhone 16 may not be an interesting proposition for consumers, as it is seen as nothing more than an update to the previous iPhone 15 model. They indicate that the lack of significant features could reduce sales this year by up to 15%.

However, there are sources that claim that the iPhone 16 will still have updates that allow it to perform tasks related to’ with artificial intelligence. These updates include an increase in RAM and the possibility of adding a larger neural engine to expand functionality.

In addition, Apple plans to add new generative artificial intelligence features similar to ChatGPT, as well as improve microphones to improve the voice assistant. Siri. Interestingly, JP Morgan analysts do not expect these features to appear in the iPhone 16, but say they will only be available in the iPhone 17.

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