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The church calendar for June 2024 is Orthodox and Greek Catholic

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

Church calendar for June 2024 – Orthodox and Greek Catholic

Church calendar for June 2024/Collage of Radio MAXIMUM

Learn about all the holidays that await Christians according to the church calendar (Orthodox or Greek Catholic) in June 2024.

The church calendar is a system that combines the annual cycle of transitional holidays (linked to Easter) and the cycle of non-transitional holidays and weekdays. The whole life of illiterate peasants was focused on the liturgical calendar. All the days that are important to them were not associated with the month and number, but with one or another saint. For example, beehives were exhibited in apiaries on Zosyma. Yes, people's lives were governed by the church calendar. Fasting is also of great importance for believers. Regardless of religion, the calendar is important for observing fasts, both Great and one-day fasts, as well as church holidays.

Please note that Ukraine switched to the New Julian calendar. So the dates of the usual holidays were shifted to 2024. Therefore, Orthodox and Greek Catholic believers will celebrate them at the same time.

All holidays in the Orthodox calendar for June 2024

The church calendar will tell Orthodox believers about important holidays:

  • June 1 – Saint Justin Martyr and those with him
  • June 2 – Saint Nicephorus
  • June 3 – Saint Martyr Lukylian and those with him
  • June 4 – Saint Mitrofan, Patriarch of Constantinople
  • June 5 – Hieromartyr Dorotheus, Bishop of Tire; Saint Martyr Cosmas, Presbyter of Armenia
  • June 6 – Venerable Vissarion; Reverend Hilarion the New, Abbot of the Dalmatian Monastery
  • June 7 – Holy Martyr Theodotus, Bishop of Ankyr
  • June 8 – Transfer of the relics of the Great Martyr Theodore Tyrone
  • June 9– Sunday of the blind man; Saint Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria
  • June 10 – Holy Martyr Timothy, Bishop of Prussia
  • June 11 – Holy Apostles Bartholomew and Barnabas< /li>
  • June 12 – Saint Onuphrius the Great; Saint Peter of Athos
  • June 13 – Ascension of Jesus Christ; of the holy martyr Akilina; St. Trifilius, bishop of Leucusia of Cyprus; Saint Anthony of Padua
  • June 14– prophet Elisha; Saint Methodius, Patriarch of Constantinople
  • June 15 – Prophet Amos; Reverend Hieronymus, presbyter of Strydonsky
  • June 16 – Sunday of the Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council; miracle worker Tikhon of Amatuntsky
  • June 17 – martyrs Manuel, Savel and Ismail; Saint Hypatius, Abbot of Rufeniansky
  • June 18 – Martyr Leontius
  • June 19 – the apostle Judas, the Lord's brother in the flesh
  • June 20 – the holy martyr Methodius, bishop of Patara
  • June 21 – the holy martyr Julian Tarsiskyi
  • June 22 – funeral Saturday; Hieromartyr Eusebius, Bishop of Samosata
  • June 23 – Holy Trinity (Sending of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost, Green holidays); of the holy martyr Agrippina
  • June 24– Monday of the Holy Spirit; Christmas of the honest and glorious prophet John the Baptist
  • June 25 – the holy venerable martyr Fevronia
  • June 26 – the venerable David in Thessaloniki ; blessed hieromartyr Andrii Ishchak; the blessed hieromartyr Mykola Konrad and the martyr Volodymyr Priyma
  • June 27 – the blessed hieromartyr Bishop Mykola Charnetskyi and others; blessed hieromartyr Omelyan Kovch; Reverend Samson the Hospitaller
  • June 28 – transfer of the relics of Saints Cyrus and Ivan
  • June 29 – Holy Supreme Apostles Peter and Paul
  • June 30 – Sunday of All Saints; Cathedral of the Holy Glorious and All-Praiseworthy Twelve Apostles, Blessed Holy Martyr Vasiliy Velichkovsky

Church calendar for June 2024 – Orthodox and Greek Catholic

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