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The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution restricting the advertising of gambling games on the Internet

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

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The Cabinet of Ministers has approved additional state regulation of gambling, in particular regarding the ban on using military symbols in gambling advertising. Radio Maximum tells what is known about the resolution.

The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted additional regulation for the gambling business, reports the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers in the Verkhovna Rada, Taras Melnychuk.

It provides for the restriction of gambling advertisements. games, as well as other designations under which gambling is conducted, in particular with the use of electronic communications, the symbols of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other military formations, as well as the distribution of relevant contextual material.

What other changes will be initiated by the additional state gaming regulation:

  • online gambling organizers are prohibited from registering several client accounts for one player;
  • gambling organizers in The Internet must arrange mandatory gambling breaks for each player;
  • online gambling organizers must receive information about limits from the player after registration , regarding the funds that he wants to spend on gambling during a certain time (days, weeks, months). The selected limit can be changed no more than 1 time per month;
  • gambling organizers must receive information from the player regarding the maximum time of continuous participation in the gambling game during the day and the maximum time of his participation in the game within a week, and set the selected time.

Currently, the resolution was adopted to implement the decision of the National Security and Defense Council until the law on combating gambling addiction, which is currently under consideration in the parliament, enters into force.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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