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The Brit walked from Hungary to Ukraine to join the ranks of the Armed Forces

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

A British man walked from Hungary to Ukraine to join the ranks of the Armed Forces

Marcus Smith came to Ukraine to defend it from Russia/Transcarpathian Regional TCC and JV

Young citizen of Great Britain Marcus Smith went on an important journey. This spring, he walked from Hungary to Ukraine, aiming to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On the way from Budapest to Uzhhorod – 300 kilometers – it took the Briton 8 days, 6 hours, 36 minutes and 14 seconds. The Transcarpathian Regional TCC and SP reported about it.

Markus has overcome this path and is convinced that his mission – stand up for Ukrainians and prevent future conflicts. According to the boy, he believes that Ukraine deserves respect and support in the struggle for a peaceful future. The world community cannot remain indifferent to the events taking place, and he decided to join this struggle.

I came here to try to help you in this war. Unfortunately, Putin does not want peace, and I have a feeling that he will not want to stop at Ukraine. He will want more and more, and this may lead to World War III, in which he will be Hitler,
– the boy explains his decision to defend Ukraine.

Arriving in Ukraine, Markus emphasizes the importance of supporting the Ukrainian army and preventing further loss of life. His words arouse general interest and support among those who follow events in Ukraine and the world.

“If we do not help your army now, we may end up in a global conflict, and it will be very bad for everyone. I respect everyone who is in the military now, and I hope that the men who are still hesitant to take up arms will reconsider their position. We are here to prevent future loss of life.” emphasizes the British.

The guy reminds everyone about the importance of unification and joint efforts in the fight for peace and stability. We also remind you that everyone should join the fight against the enemy now! If you're not fighting, you can donate, spread the word about gatherings, or volunteer!

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