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Great Britain provides evidence that totalitarian China is helping the racists in the war with Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

Great Britain has evidence that totalitarian China is helping the racists in the war with Ukraine

Minister Defense of Great Britain Grant Shapps called totalitarian China inflicted with a lethal attack on the Russians, who may be victorious in the war against Ukraine, reports Reuters and the Independent on May 22.

«Today I can vote, What can we prove about the Russian Federation? and China is in danger of getting stuck in Ukraine,” – Shapps stated at the time of the defense conference in London.

In his words, new data from American and British intelligence confirms that “lethal assistance is already coming from China to Russia, and the stars – to Ukraine.” The minister did not provide any other details about the latest intelligence data.

At the time of his speech, Shapps noted the closeness of Russia and China, stating that trade between the countries had increased by 64%, and this, in his opinion, “shows that there will be much closer Idnosini (between Moscow and Beijing).” The minister also mentioned the recent trip of Vladimir Putin’s gang of Russians to China, as they arrived without delay after the inauguration of the fifth term. hour of war in Ukraine, China has become for Russia the main supplier of goods necessary for There are a variety of weapons, including missiles. For example, the Financial Times wrote that in 2023, 90% of the chips imported by Russia came from China and were used to manufacture missiles, tanks and aircraft. In the last quarter of the last year, 70% of the missiles were imported from China, which were probably used in the production of ballistic missiles.

Vlada declares to China that the world is not in trouble the Ukrainian-Ukrainian conflict, which is called “ “Ukrainian crisis.”

Previously, US representatives said that they would be ready to “supply additional measures” if necessary, absolutely China and any other organizations would fight for it Moscow Kremlin and Yogo aggression in Ukraine.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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