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The band MBreeze presents the Ukrainian version of the song "Potonu"

MBreeze/Press Service

The band MBreeze returns to Mountain Breeze. They recorded an updated version of the hit song “Drowning” in Ukrainian.

MBreeze fans are already familiar with the original version of the song, released in the summer of 2021 under the previous name of the band – Mountain Breeze. Right now is the time of a new life for her, because “Drown” is one of the deepest songs of the band that the guys have ever written.

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We've been planning to do an adaptation of this song for quite some time, it was the first one in our catalog to gain widespread popularity on TikTok before the full scale invasion. Our listeners asked to make it Ukrainian, because after everything that happened, it became difficult for all of us to understand the songs in the language of the occupier. If we are not going to translate all our other songs and perform them at all, then we didn't want to let Poton's song go so easily and were waiting for inspiration to give it a new life, – says Oleksandr Bilyak, the band's frontman.

The song itself was written in his parents' house on an old piano, on which Alexander learned to play as a child and created his first lines and melodies. In order to convey the entire palette of feelings and not lose sincerity in the song “Drowning”, the band involved a string orchestra and recorded a live piano.

When Sasha was just starting to write his songs, he made a promise to himself that before he turned 24, he should write a special song. We felt how “Utonu” became exactly that because of its meaning and insight. But we made the mistake of not writing it immediately in Ukrainian. We are now correcting this error. And we know that many newlyweds have been waiting for this moment to play their wedding just to Potona. We even recorded a demo of the Ukrainian version for one of our friends long before the release so that he and the bride could dance their first dance to this track. This was the impetus for the transformation of Utona into Potona, MBreeze commented.

We remind you that the band recently presented its new musical message “Weary” – a reminder of what we continue to fight for every day and despite fatigue – we do everything possible and impossible to win.

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