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The Armed Forces of Ukraine should not wait for what the enemy will do, but get ahead of him – opinion

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun2,2024

The Ukrainian Armed Forces should not wait for what the enemy does, but get ahead of it - opinion

The Russians could launch a surprise attack that would catch the Ukrainian Armed Forces off guard, as the enemy becomes increasingly reckless in its attempts to achieve its goals.

“Attacks are becoming more frequent, more old equipment is being transferred to the front line, and even innovative tactics are being used, such as using combat buggies and motorcycles for attacks. Thus, pressure is being put on the Russian front line and on officers to achieve results,” said retired British Army Colonel and military expert Glen Grant.

According to him, the occupiers will try to do this, but it will not involve nuclear weapons.

Grant also emphasized that, despite the fact that the front line is moving forward, Russia is losing in a broader sense.< /p>

According to the expert, the Russian Federation is losing at sea and on land, because it continues to lose its soldiers. He added that Russia will finally run out of quality personnel who can teach and lead.

“Russian losses amount to 7-10 soldiers against one Ukrainian fighter. They may hold out for a while longer, but over time the quality of the enemy forces will inevitably decline. How then do they want to hold the front line? What hasn’t happened yet is a mass riot of Russians somewhere on the front line, where numerous soldiers simply turned around and went back,” Grant said.

He recalled that this had already happened in Russia in 1917. So maybe it will happen again.

"So, getting back to my original point, – something is bound to happen. Just don't ask me to guess what it is, because right now it's beyond my imagination. It is important for Ukraine to be prepared for anything, and this means conducting a thorough scenario analysis to anticipate potential threats and develop response strategies,” Grant noted.

According to him, Ukraine should not wait until something happens happens, you need to be proactive, identify potential challenges and find ways to effectively overcome them.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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