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The Apple AirPods case may get a touch screen

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun6,2024

Apple AirPods case can get touch screen

It will allow you to control music, talk to Siri, monitor the weather and more.

Apple has patented a case with a touch screen for its wireless headphones. It is very similar to the company's old iPod nano audio player, writes 9to5Mac. Among modern devices, such a solution has already been implemented in the JBL Tour Pro 2.

Since the debut of the first AirPods in 2016, the people of Cupertino have regularly made small updates and improvements to their cases. In the latest versions, support for wireless charging, a built-in speaker, USB-C, Find My tracking and much more appeared. In the new generation, they can also get a display.

Apple AirPods case may get touchscreen

This patent was first registered in September 2022, but Apple recently updated it. Apparently, the company is still interested in the idea. The document suggests that users will be able to use the display for at least five different tasks:

  • control music;
  • activate and interact with Siri;
  • receiving and responding to messages;
  • checking the weather forecast;
  • listening to audio books.

However, it is worth remembering that not all patents reach the finish line, so it's likely that we'll never see an AirPods touch case. But it's definitely an interesting way to create a more premium version of Apple's headphones.

Natasha Kumar

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