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The allies of the Russians insist that the EU does not respect their wealth

It may be possible that there will be any plans for the confiscation of Moscow's state assets, respecting the region with “all the evil,” according to Politico.

“Representatives of China, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia are urging the EU to continue to resist the pressure on the side of the United States and Great Britain until the confiscation of over 200 billion euros of Russian state assets, frozen after the invasion of Ukraine at the cruel fate of 2022,” writes Vidannya.

“We are too skeptical about such an idea,” said one of the officials. They are turbulent by those who “do not set a precedent.” In other words, people are afraid that the stench may come and they will waste their assets.

At this moment, a plan has been laid for the confiscation of Russian assets frozen by Europe and the recovery of these funds to help Ukraine. Western Europe is especially categorically opposed, as they are afraid of legal consequences and potential destabilization of the eurozone.

However, insurers who Washington and London are closely connected, and This food will be discussed at the meeting of the G7 finance ministers in the coming month, so as not to respect Volodymyr Putin as an enemy, do not sit with clasped hands.

The stinks were already raised as the EU put in place a larger proposal to reduce the income that was withdrawn from the investment of assets (amounting to about 2.5-3 billion euros per river), with which 90% of these funds would go to the Zbroi bathhouse for Ukraine.

This can also influence the motivation of the region, as if it were putting pressure on it. Apart from the precedent, they may act in the interests of Putin and do not want the EU to help Ukraine on the battlefield.

"I would have known that “Russians could ask their friends to create this galas,” said a senior diplomat from the country, not to enter the EU.

As Bagnet guesses, “all evil” – this is a term that was first used by former US President George Walker Bush at the time of his birth before the US Congress on June 29, 2002, and often repeated throughout the entire period of his presidency, describing the regimes of the countries that are associated with sponsored terrorism, water Inno and/or attempts to develop the mass strength.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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