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American citizens may be suing for their right to be subject to blackouts

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr3,2024

American scientists are about to sue for their right to benefit from blackout

The state i New York, USA, six defendants filed a lawsuit against the Department of Viconnaya to punish the state through the decision to close the case before the hour of full sleepy darkness, which may be the 8th quarter, write Associated Press.

We call upon you to clearly confirm that the defense of “brotherly participation in a religiously significant cause” violates their rights.

It is clear that among positive people – people of different faiths: a Baptist, a Muslim, a Modern Adventist, two followers of Santeria (an Afro-Caribbean religion that merges paganism and faith in Catholic saints), as well as an atheist.

"Sonny dark Nya – “It’s a rare natural phenomenon that has great religious significance for the rich,” – go to the call.

People believe that this phenomenon is mentioned in the Bible, in the description of the tribulation of Jesus Christ, and also in Islamic works – when the son of the Prophet Muhammad dies.

The stench will also solidify, which is darker than the darkness, as it could arise in the USA in 2017, and come – as early as 2044, “collection, holy day, worship and prayer are prominent.”

The document is from last month – before it was stunned by the behind-the-scenes system lockdown – The positive atheist refused a special permit from the authorities to be careful about blackouts. The state gave him eyepieces for this.

Four other people also turned away according to permission, but they were persuaded, arguing that darkness is not a holy day for their religions. Having said that, without taking away the evidence.

Thomas Mailley, spokesman for the Department of Regulatory Institutions, said that the department does not comment on court proceedings, but rather looks at all matters related to religions. For his words, those who are careful about the blackouts are immediately on the lookout.

Daniel Martuscello III, Vice-Commissioner of the General Language Department, on the 11th of March, having seen a memorandum, in which he voted that from this coming Monday (8th quarter – ed.) All sovereign authorities have established the right to follow the weekend schedule.

This means that they will be increasingly deprived of their living quarters, due to extreme situations, from 14th to 17th, which marks the time for repairs in the fresh air in patients.

According to Martusello, the department will distribute eyepieces to patients with diseases and diseases, so that stinks can be detected in the dark yum zi your work place or living quarters.

It is expected that the darkening will be visible in the western and southern regions of the state, including in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Lake Placid and Plattsburgh.

Yogo You will be able to see in these parts of the state around 15:15 at the time of the month, and the most obvious thing will be less than a handful.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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