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The Acolyte: who is Mae's Sith Master in the new Star Wars series?

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun6,2024

The new Star Wars series, The Acolyte, has just been released on Disney+. The first two episodes are already available. available on the platform. The second chapter concludes with the introduction of a new threat. A new Sith threatens the Galaxy, and we have a little idea about his identity.

The Acolyte: who is the Sith Master Mae in the new Star Wars series? /></p>
<h2>The Sidekick</h2>
<p>New <strong><em>Star Wars</em> </strong> seriesin live-action, <strong><em>The Acolyte</em> </strong>has already been released. revealed its first two episodes. Developed by <strong>Leslye Headland</strong>, the show takes place during the era of the <strong>High Republic</strong>. An era to hardly developed in the <em>Star Wars</em> cinematographic universe, which is set years before the prelogy of <strong>George Lucas.</strong></p>
<p><source srcset=The Acolyte: who is Mae's Sith Master in the new Star Wars series?

In The Acolyte, we follow the fate of Osha, a former Padawan who abandoned her life. his Jedi training. She is recalled by the Jedi Order when her sister, Mae, decides to assassinate Jedi. The latter seems to begin a vengeful quest against certain Jedi in particular. Episode 2 ends with a first twist: the presence of a Machiavellian Sith behind Mae's actions. For the moment, the identity of of this Sith is not yet known. The Acolytepreferred preserve the mystery by showing the antagonist from afar and from behind, so that his identity is revealed. remains barely recognizable. But we obviously have some hypotheses.

Who is this new Sith?

Who is this new Sith? As a reminder, The Acolyte takes place during the High Republic, years before the advent of Darth Sidious, or even of the appearance of Darth Maul. Leslye Headland said: that The Acolyte takes place a century before the events of The Phantom Menace. At this time, several Sith were already there. in activity.

If the options Dark Plagueis and Dark Tenebrousare not completely safe exclude, they are unlikely. The two Sith Lords have far too great an impact on the Star Wars universe to be introduced in The Acolyte. And then, At this time, Darth Plagueis is not yet really the dangerous Sith we know.

The Acolyte: who is Mae's Sith Master in the new Star Wars series?

As for Dark Tenebrous, the Master of Darth Plagueis, he does not have at all the same design as the character presented in this article. in The Acolyte.

Indeed, if we base ourselves on this first glimpse and on the images from the trailers, this new Sith wears a long black cape and a helmet à the way of Darth Vader and Kylo Ren. A damaged, fragmented helmet, which takes us on other paths than that of Dark Tenebrous.

Dark Revan?

Another, more solid, path, brings us to thinking that this new Sith could be Dark Revan. A former Jedi, Revan and his apprentice, Malak, fall under the influence of the Jedi side. dark when they set out in search of the Star Forge, an ancient space factory capable of producing huge fleets. Upon returning from their quest, the two men decide to join the side of the war. dark force of the Force and take on the identity of of Dark Revan and Darth Malak. Revan then becomes the leader of a new Sith army and turns against the Republic.

The timeline of The Acolyteagrees with these events. Later, Darth Revan is betrayed by his apprentice who seriously injures him. He is then captured. by the Jedi who erase his memory and reintegrate him into the Jedi Order. He then sets out on a new journey to defeat Malak and the Sith. During this journey, he gradually recovers his memories and mustface up to new challenges. his past dark while trying to save the galaxy.

The Acolyte: who is Mae's Sith Master in the new Star Wars series?

The design of the character, his helmet, his costume, his story, everything coincides with this new villain. The Acolyte is about the monté on the side dark of the Force, and Revan is one of the best examples. As for Mae, she could take Malak's place in the plot of The Acolyte, and become this apprentice who betrays her Master.

L&rsquo Another option would be that this new Sith is directly Darth Malak, implementing his plan to take revenge on the Jedi and to become the only Master of the Sith side. darkness of the Force.


Another hypothesis suggests that this Sith could be Abeloth. In the universe Legends, Abeloth is a creature who feeds on the side darkness of the Force. Mainly developed in Fate of the Jedi, Abeloth, also known as the Mother,is an entity extremely powerful and very old. She was born human, but gained her powers by drinking from the Fountain of Power and bathing in the Well of Eternity, two sources of mystical energy on the planet Mortis. These actions have distorted its nature, transforming it into an entity. chaotic and dangerous. In the Fate of the Jedi novels, Abeloth is freed and becomes a major threat to the galaxy. She possesses incredibly powerful Force powers, including the ability to to manipulate minds, shapeshift, and project illusions. She aspires to dominate the Galaxy.

The Acolyte: who is Mae's Sith Master in the new Star Wars series?

Abeloth would also have an almost limitless life expectancy. It would be more than one hundred thousand years old. Often, Abeloth materializes as a semi-ethereal ghostly creature. Above all, it has an easily recognizable jaw and sharp teeth. If the design does not completely match (apart from the teeth on the helmet), the presence of Abeloth in The Acolyte would make it possible to build a bridge with Ahsoka, since the creature is often discussed in the recent series with Rosario Dawson.

We, we leans more towards the Darth Revan hypothesis. But don’don’t hesitate to Tell us, in comments, which hypothesis seems the most credible to you. And if you have another one, we're all in!

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