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Ophenya launches her brand of smash burgers, Internet users violently attack her

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun6,2024

influencers and gastronomy, it's a great love story. After its famous pizzas Delamama, Mister V recently launched its Burgers of the same name, in partnership with KFC. Now, it's Ophenya's turn to offer her own brand of B(Hug)ers.

< p>Ophenya launches its brand of smash burgers, Internet users attack it violently

ophenya launches its brand of smash burgers

Many videographers have made themselves known thanks to YouTube or Twitch, and who expand their audience thanks to social networks. These influencers then sometimes take the opportunity to launch into new projects, far from the internet. This is what Ophenya did, this feminist influencer who advocates love, but who found herself at the heart of several controversies and was ; accused of sectarian excesses.

With more than 700,000 followers on Instagram and 4.9 million subscribers on TikTok, the young woman has great visibility. And she used it precisely; good for embarking on an unexpected project: she created; its own brand of smash burgers, in which the steaks are flattened as much as possible during cooking. In partnership with the No Brainer agency, these burgers will be available at starting June 8 in a restaurant that was already busy. implanted rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, at Paris:Délice d’Italie. They can also be ordered on Uber Eats, but this does not seem to suit Internet users, who are very critical.< /p>

Internet users clash with the influencer and her project

Entitled B(Hug)er, the burger brand launched by Ophenya advocates love: the term “hug” means hug. In the same tone, here are the names of the six burgers with beef steak on offer: “Pas du Tout” (1 steak), “Un peu” (2 steaks), “Beaucoup” (3 steaks), “A la Folie” (4 steaks) and “Passionnément” (5 steaks). The last one is the famous B(Hug)er, with 6 steaks. The homemade sauce is also prepared“with love”, and alternatives are offered for chicken eaters, or even vegan people.Prices range from 6 to 100%. 16 euros.

Ophenya launches its brand of smash burgers, Internet users violently attack it

Reading the previous lines, you might say to yourself that this is just another influencer launching her food brand. But for several days, Ophenya has been tackled without any mercy. by Internet users,who find the concept ridiculous and the burgers as unoriginal as they are visually disappointing. “A stupid project”“a burger with steak and cheese, [which is] not processed”,“it's crap”… The criticisms are raining down, especially because the influencer would encourage overconsumption, which is all the more damaging as she has a young audience. see if these “B(Hug)ers will find more success in the restaurant than on social networks.

So, what do you think of Ophenya's smash burger project? Among the influencers who are also making headlines in recent days, we can also cite Tibo InShape, who could run for the 2032 Presidential elections!

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