Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

The Thai Parliament legalized same-sex marriage

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The lower house of Thailand's parliament passed a law legalizing same-sex marriage. 400 out of 415 deputies voted for the adoption of the law. This is reported by Reuters.

According to the new norm, marriage is defined as a partnership of two persons, and not a man and a woman, as before. Same-sex couples will receive the same rights as heterosexual couples – tax breaks, husband/wife inheritance and adoption of children.

The law will come into force 120 days after approval by the Senate and signing by the king.

After the final adoption of the law, Thailand will become the 37th country in the world where same-sex marriage is allowed.

Of all Asian countries, only Nepal and partially recognized Taiwan have legalized same-sex marriage.

BAGNETreminds that in June 2023, Estonia legalized same-sex marriage.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga

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