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TES Canada project “poorly put together” according to an expert

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar15,2024

The TES Canada project “poorly put together  ;» according to an expert

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Plan to power TES Canada facilities with wind farm will increase costs, according to Normand Mousseau.

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A Quebec energy expert questions the terms of the green hydrogen production project that TES Canada wants to implement in Mauricie, affirming that the product from this plant cannot be sold at a competitive price. /p>

The professor of physics and scientific director of the Trottier Energy Institute at Polytechnique Montréal, Normand Mousseau, affirms that for the production of synthetic hydrogen, as we wish to do at TES Canada in Mauricie, is a little process. efficient.

The transformation into hydrogen causes us to lose energy, about 30%. So we have a product where we already have significant losses. Then the use of hydrogen leads to additional losses, he says.

Mr. Mousseau affirms that the method of producing electricity with wind turbines and solar panels that TES Canada is trying to implement in Mauricie will contribute to exploding costs.

He explains that TES Canada has an agreement with Hydro-Québec to be provided with 150 megawatts of power, which represents approximately a quarter of the plant's needs, the rest of the production must come from #x27;wind turbines and solar panels which must be installed by the company.

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We are talking about expensive electricity which will make very expensive hydrogen and which will then be transformed into synthetic gases [by TES Canada customers]. From the evaluations that have been made, which are similar to mine, it would perhaps be 10 to 12 times more expensive than a molecule of gas purchased from Énergir, he indicates.

The expert does not believe that the green hydrogen that will be produced by TES Canada will be popular with companies.

Who will pay 10 to 12 times more for their energy? No one unless there are massive government subsidies that haven't been announced yet, he adds.

By presenting projects for which several questions are pending, such as the presence of wind turbines in the region, Mr. Mousseau believes that TES Canada is promoting a poorly put together project, which in the long term could be harmful.

We are seriously harming the energy transition because we are going to put forward projects that hold up poorly or the arrangements are not clear , then the discussions are not clear and this means that we will make citizens more and more skeptical about the efforts that we must make for decarbonization, he deplores.

Normand Mousseau in an interview on the show En direct

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